Entry #20

School 13 - I H8 New Year

2015-12-29 23:50:58 by Nightwayfarer

Hey yal, what's up? What going down? What heading a horizontal direction?... anywayzz


In my past I posted quite a lot of work here (well not that much actually) on Newgrounds, and many years have passed, I've been through some tough shit and the moral is - right now I work as a freelancer and mostly make video game reviews with some animatiob and maybe even jokes in them. But that's not important.

The important thing is that I haven't touched my sweet little project called "School 13" for some quite time (many years), so i decided to change that.

The new (but very small in time length) toon about School 13 can be watched on my youtube channel right here:


I hope you like it, and... I think that's all for now. Who knows, maybe more will come in the future

And oh yeah, Happy New year yall


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2015-12-30 00:37:46

Oh, my. It's been a while. y u no post it on Newgrounds?


2015-12-30 01:16:14

Oh shit! I was always able to relate to your animations so much. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new stuff.


2015-12-30 02:18:50

Wow, I can still remember when the first one came out. I'm glad what you posted here nearly a decade ago helped you in an actual job.


2015-12-30 03:11:32



2015-12-30 04:18:44

YOU'RE BACK! Welcome back on NG you beautifull russian bastard. Also back better than ever I see. Your shit looks better and moves more alive looking than before.

Also, don't be a stranger here on Newgrounds, you've been on the frontpage quite a few times here. And I dunno if you know, but that does leave you some fans over here. It might not be worth the effort to also be active around here while also working freelance on your other stuff. But you've become a familiar face on newgrounds, and if you ask me you ask me, you should be part of this new holiday background on the site here (it's already done though, so maybe the one next year).
And maybe if you're creative you can make it worh your while to stick here. For example: Go nag at Tom (fulp) to put you in a spotlight on the frontpage and maybe link it to a store and sell some shitty merchandise (pens, T-shirts, underpants, whatever with school13 stuff printed on it).

Cause it's starting to make me sad to see lot's of people do awesome shit and grow on newgrounds only to then switch to youtube to compete with the entire world for the attention.

Think about it, there might be a good idea in it somewhere.


2015-12-30 04:57:19

It's been 5 years since you posted anything here, you might as well submit your new School 13 cartoon here, instead of trying to pull us over to YouTube. You still have over 5,000 fans here, that's worth something!


2015-12-30 05:09:47

Oh man, School 13 was the sh*t back in my early Newgrounds days. Glad to see you're doing well.


2015-12-30 07:37:59

Holy shit, you're back! I've been missing your stuff man. Any chance you're uploading this to Newgrounds as well?


2015-12-30 16:41:36

can we get an english subtitled version of BIOS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


2015-12-30 18:09:01

i been waiting for 5 years bruh


2015-12-30 22:46:23

Welcome back, it's been so long... seeing old ng members submit new posts feels very nostalgic


2015-12-31 01:56:31

Whatever! You should post that animatiob here too! :3

Yeah, we like your animations! :D


2016-03-18 21:14:52

No problem I'll be sure to keep up with your youtube. Or at least what I understand of it. Can't be fluent in other language randomly.

Just glad you didn't completely abandoned it and your doing good enough.


2016-03-26 01:05:54

It's refreshing to see you're still alive, and at least able to sometimes make a new toon or two. Ah, adulthood. Nice New Years cartoon, by the by, I enjoyed it.


2016-03-29 13:28:30

dude I remember back in the days, I watched your tongue tied and I loved it!! I'm glad you're back! keep at it!