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School 13 - I H8 New Year

2015-12-29 23:50:58 by Nightwayfarer

Hey yal, what's up? What going down? What heading a horizontal direction?... anywayzz


In my past I posted quite a lot of work here (well not that much actually) on Newgrounds, and many years have passed, I've been through some tough shit and the moral is - right now I work as a freelancer and mostly make video game reviews with some animatiob and maybe even jokes in them. But that's not important.

The important thing is that I haven't touched my sweet little project called "School 13" for some quite time (many years), so i decided to change that.

The new (but very small in time length) toon about School 13 can be watched on my youtube channel right here:

I hope you like it, and... I think that's all for now. Who knows, maybe more will come in the future

And oh yeah, Happy New year yall

School 13 - coming soon, biach :B

2010-08-05 18:57:39 by Nightwayfarer

hello guyz
p.s. - yes, i'm not dead yet, ok. just wanted to say that the new school 13 episode is already in the making, it's going to be done pretty soon, and probably will be like 12-15 minutes long. holly shit, i think i'm finally going to kill myself, because it's hard and stuff and shit and whatever :B
p.s.2 - it's not the most important thing i wanted to say to you, but unfortunately i'm not allowed to talk about it yet.
p.s.3 - this time i'm also not allowed to use music of my favourite bands (zebrahead, blink 182, etc), and still i can't tell you why, because it's a secret, but not for long.

dunno if it's important for you to know, but just in case - i finally finished school, several months ago though (fuck yeah, 12 years of leraning, i'm free). and i also didn't go to any college and stuff like that.

well then, what i'm i doing now? you'll know soon enough :B

p.s.4 - sorry for not showing any of the screenshots from the new episode, i just want to keep them all from you until it's done. i think i'll finish it in a month, plus minus a week

take care yall :)

School 13 - coming soon, biach :B

Crazy Folks

2010-01-08 14:59:58 by Nightwayfarer

When I was reading comments and reviews for TongueTied I often saw words like "maan, he's so lucky, i should try it myself'

I never thought that someone would realy do that, but.... just watch it yourself HERE

p.s. yes, he actually got stuck to the poll and unfortunately was rescued by his non-female friend who was standing near him and laughing, and ofcourse taking those pictures

p.s.2. Thank You everyone who watched and liked my latest flash. I never thought it would get such a huge score, that's why I'm bowing down to all of ya and hope I won't dissapoint you with the next one (it'll probably be in 2011)
C ya soon

Hey all
If you have time please checkout the latest School 13 episode

It's unlike the previous ones, it's probably not even a funny one and it sure is short, but I sure worked hard on it.

It's only a minute long, so I hope you'll find some time

I hope you'll have a nice New Year feast and drink a lot of beeeer :B

School 13 - A New Episode :B

Left 4 Dead - SMOKER

2009-10-23 17:55:42 by Nightwayfarer

Hey guys
I managed to complete the Smoker fanart. Took me more time than I expected, but i think it was worth it.

As I already said I'll be off to Saint-Petersburg for a week, so there won't be any new illustrations. And I'm afraid that there won't be any flashes as well (I just don't think that I'll make one for 4 days like last year). But oh well... there's always next year, and the current one is a bit bussy, so sorry. l8r)

Anyways, checkout the Smoker HERE

...and here's a raw version too

Left 4 Dead - SMOKER

Left 4 Hold up

2009-10-20 12:45:30 by Nightwayfarer

Hey guys, i've been short on time lately.

I've visited Saint-Petersburg last weekend. It's an awesome city, and I hope i'll be accepted there in the cinema and television univercity next year)

I thought I would have more time on the L4D fanart, and that I would make a new one every evening, but I just can't... too much stuff to do besides drawing.

The good news is that I got to make a Smoker raw drawing, so I think I'll manage to complete the whole thing tommorow, or maybe after tommorow... but then I'll be away, and again in SPb, so there won't be many updates for a while... but I promise, that i'll make every single one of em (yes, including those from l4d2), just be patient.

P.S. Smoker is the best fanart I've done so far... so, you'll probably like it :B


P.S.2 - Adam Phillips is at it again. Checkout his Woodenblog, he's posting there regulary now *Yay, new Brackenwood short*

Left 4 Hold up

Scout me please, BoNk!!

2009-10-13 12:53:27 by Nightwayfarer

I noticed that there was a reset in the art portal, so... maybe someone want's to scout me again?)

p.s. I've decided to make some L4D fanart with the special infected. Maybe I'll make the new ones from L4D2 too, who knows... Jockey is awesome, so I hope I'll find some time. Though there probably won't be any survivor fanarts, it's just not as cool as making zombies)

Anyways, check out my latest stuff in the art portal

p.s. 2 - I'll try to make a flash for halloween (maybe even about S13)
p.s. 3 (not playstation 3) - don't be an ass and pre-order L4D2 now!! It's gonna kick your insides out, I'm sure :B

Scout me please, BoNk!!

School 13 - "I Want It!" Syndrome is here

2009-07-25 13:44:34 by Nightwayfarer

Yay, the new episode is HERE

It is 9:45 minutes long, it was 14mb big, but i had to compress it, maybe for some time, to 9mb.
Took me 2 months and 10 galons of blood, sweat and tears to make it :B

Hope you'll enjoy!

School 13 - "I Want It!" Syndrome is here


2009-07-22 09:36:49 by Nightwayfarer

yay, the new school 13 episode is done
gimme a few days to make the subs and i'll upload my biggest flash-toon-crap yet to newgrounds! :D (it's duration is 9:45 mins and it's 14Mb fat)

but if you understand russian and are impatient then go to my web site and watch that huge pile of awesomeness right, fucking, now!!1 :B

I have been robbed

2009-06-04 06:28:36 by Nightwayfarer

Two months ago I made an animation for my art lesson. I personaly liked doing the BGs for it and drawing characters, but I was just a work, nothing special, so I didn't even want to upload it here on NG.
I don't know why, but yesterday I decided to upload it to DeviantArt (account "ThereIsNoSpooon"). Maybe because before that I had posted a screenshot of that animation, and I felt like I needed to upload the complete thing.

Today I got a lot of PMs that some motherfuckin' asshole stole it and uploaded it here. Here's the link

So right now I need to know to whom should I write a PM to kick that faggot's ass and delete the animation from NG (because I personally don't want it to be here)

Awaiting your help :P
oh, and p.s. - new School 13 episode will be done aproximately in the beginning of July


I have been robbed